Why This Firm
Phyllis Shepard Law firm

Know Your Rights

The motto here is: “Let’s find your path.” This office cares enough to design a legal path that respects a client’s unique needs. Empowering the client with explicit legal instruction to launch him or her onto a new path forward is part of this firm’s mission. The firm’s legal guidance comes from knowing the territory. Attorney Shepherd and her paralegal support team are long-time Alaskan residents who are highly experienced in working through diverse legal challenges. Many years of Alaskan residency contribute to the trusted insights that this firm offers the client.

Your close family relationships are essential to you; you invested your time and energy into those relationships. Changing those family relationships can be very uncomfortable.

The legal guidance offered within the firm counsels and equips clients to address his or her family law issues with dignity.

Many clients benefit from reasonable and equitable resolutions that minimize the potential for future contentiousness. It is well worth the time and the effort to aim for enduring results. Attorney Shepherd and her paralegal team appreciate that family relationships can last a lifetime regardless of the technical legal changes to the family structure.

Whether at trial or in settlement negotiations, zealous advocacy for the client within the bounds of law and ethics is a hallmark of this firm, making it a solid choice for the client genuinely interested in resolving legal disputes with dignity.